Thursday, September 6, 2012

X - Country

On Friday 24th August, Saint Pius X school had cross country, at cross country there were teachers holding the flags and there were parents waiting for their children to race.

We waited and waited and then the race started, first it was the boys in room 1 then it was the girls in room 1. It was very very fun and some of the kids were standing and saying “go! go! go!”. It was room 4 then room 5 but still the boys had to be first and the girls had to be the second. After that it was the 10 year olds, Jane was the first one to come in the 10 year olds they were very fast. We all were waiting for our turn to race but we were racing in the 9 year olds, we were almost the last ones, I was hungry and thirsty.

When the children were ready to race they got into their places and they got ready, Miss G was the teacher to blow the start whistle. When she said “are you ready kids?”, then we said “yes”, she said “on your marks, get set, GO!” we all went running. When  I was running on the course it was so hot I was tired but I kept on running then I started to do the power walking then I jogged. When I was almost at the end I sprinted it and I was at the end.

When all the students were back from their running we went to our classrooms and we sat on the mat and ate our fruit. We all went home tired. It was a lovely day.

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