Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday 17 September, I went to the Telstraclear Centre at Manukau with my father. when I went there I was happy to be there because I got to sing and do a little dancing. The first ones that went to the centre were me Caroline, Catherine and Illaisane, then it was the twins that came.

When we got there Miss G did not arrived yet and we had to stay outside. Then we saw Miss G coming in. After that we went into the first garage and we sat on the floor and listened to the person that was talking. We sat down and we played with the knucklebones and played with the cards. After that Daynah was talking and she told us to clap the way she claps.

We had to sit on the seats and some of the other kids sat on the chairs and the little kids sat on the wooden longboards on the stage.  When we sat down we looked at the curtain and we had a little practice at doing the claps again. They opened the curtain to each side and then we looked at the people and we saw there were a lot of people that came to the concert.

At half time we all had a rest and we ate chocolate and a biscuit, we had fun and we had a little play while the people were waiting for us to return to the stage. A big screen showed up and the people watched the World Vison video and some of us had a little peek while they were watching. We watched the world vision video because we had to look at the kids who are poor and help them which is what the concert was for.

The show was almost finished and we all sang one more song then  I went to the takeaways and I brought fish and chips to eat with my dad. I was happy and he gave me $10 for being so good. I thought that I sang good and so does the other people who sang. It was a great night at the Telstraclear Centre.

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jane said...

Well done Caroline I really like your writing. Keep at up Caroline. .... :)

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