Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

One day Tom asked his mum if he could go play outside to the pier, Tom’s mum said “yes you can Tom but watch out because there is a dragon outside at the pier in his cave. He might tell you to go inside the cave but never ever go near the dragon's cave”.Tom said “yes” but Tom did not listen to his mum, and Tom just went to the dragon’s cave.

Tom went to the dragon’s cave and he started to play with the dragon. When they were playing the dragon’s fire came out of his mouth and Tom just stood there and then they made bread and the dragon blew fire again so the bread could get cooked so they could eat it.

After that the dragon let Tom sit on his neck so they could leave. When they got higher and higher the dragon told Tom to open his eyes to look down. When Tom feel down to the water from the dragon, the dragon went down to save him. After that the dragon and Tom became friends forever and ever.

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