Friday, June 29, 2012

Imagination Story


When I woke up in the morning, my mother told me to go and help my father do the garden. I got up and I went outside, it was so cold and shady that I wanted to go back to bed again. To help my father to do his flowers he told me to dig and he would put seeds into the holes and I said “OK”. While I was digging it, it got deeper and deeper and then I said to my father “is that it dad?” but my father said “keep on digging.”
I dug deeper and deeper and the ground start to crack and while the crack opened a huge wind blew me into the hole and I fell into the hole and screamed and cried.  

When I feel down I saw wiggy jelly house and the grounds were all green and blue and bouncy. There was a shadow coming towards me, the shadow started to get bigger and bigger. I kept on looking at the shadow and saw a man coming towards me.  He said that his name was David Dominic, he had googly eyes, fat arms, wiggly legs and four toes.

He gave me a glass ball and inside the glass ball was the man's world and snowflakes all over it. When the man gave the glass ball to me I said “thank you, I will look after this glass ball of your world”. I closed my eyes and then opened them again and I was my backyard again. I went to my room and I hid the ball under the bed.
I went back outside and helped my dad finish off the last few flowers. When we were finished doing the flowers we went inside the house and ate pizza bread and a cup of milo.

The man said “this world is called jellystone” and I said “WOW! this world is so awesome”. The man said “do you want to come inside the house?” We bounced to the man's house where there was food with jelly and jelly meat. I said that I couldn’t eat all of this I said to the man right next to me and then i walked outside as I was talking to the man.    

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