Thursday, December 6, 2012

The lego story

In 1932, Billund, Switzerland, there was man named Oli and he had four sons and a wife. He was a carpenter, he also worked very hard to get some money for christmas and for his family. Sadly Oli lost his wife so decided to make wooden toys to cheer up his sons and then sold them.

One day there was a man that came into Oli’s factory shop to change Oli’s Life. Godfrey helped his Dad pack the toy’s into the box so they could take it to the shops so they can have money for food on christmas.

One windy night the Factory was on fire and the fire wouldn’t stop and most of the wooden toys were gone.  After the fire went out Oli decided to rebuild the factory but it was even bigger. When the building was done they  made more and more toy’s for the people and for their children to play with.

Later in life and when Oli was gone Godfrey was running the company and had to go through another fire, but godfrey still went to the builders and told them if they can make the factory again.

The Lego company is still going today and still selling lots of toys.   

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