Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1.Taekwondo means a art of kicking and punching.

2.The art of unarmed combat and Taekwondo is not a fighting thing.

3.Taekwondo is a sport from Korea.

4.In taekwondo we a learn to contantrate on the moves.

5. Taekwondo is a kind of sport that anyone can do.

6.Taekwondo is a fun sport that you can do.

7.When you do Taekwondo you have to be strouge.

8. When you are doing taekwondo you have to say the word that the man says.

9.When you do Taekwondo you have to look at what the man is doing.

10.Taekwondo is an Martial art movement activity.

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Monique said...

Caroline I really like your TaekWondo pictuer it is very cute I enjoyed reading it it was stunnign piece of work keep the good work up.

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